"We help companies leverage CMMI best practice guidance to continuously improve the performance of their key business processes. We provide a clear roadmap to build, improve, and sustain business process capability." Compliance Power 365

CMMI Assist is our bundle of professional services centered around CMMI-centric business process redesign.

For companies planning to achieve either a CMMI maturity level rating or a CMMI capability level rating, we offer:

  • Training for team members as they prepare for the upcoming CMMI appraisal
  • Mentoring of your team members
  • CMMI preliminary gap analysis
  • Recommendations for business process redesign
  • If necessary, we’ll join your appraisal preparation team as “subject matter experts” and work with you and your CMMI lead appraiser towards the goal of CMMI accreditation.

For CMMI lead appraisers, we offer:

  • We’ll transform your business operation model using Office 365. We’ve helped CMMI lead appraisers transition to a mostly virtual mode of operation. Other than the period of time spent on-site for the “Phase 2” appraisal, most work can be conducted virtually with the client and other appraisal team members. The change is dramatic.
  • Compliance Power 365 has CMMI Associates available to work with lead appraisers as appraisal team members.
  • Of course, CMMI lead appraisers should check out our CMMI 365 system. We encourage CMMI lead appraisers to include the CMMI 365 system as part of their package of services offered to clients.

CMMI Capability Areas (source: CMMI Institute)
CMMI Capability Areas