The most comprehensive system available to assist in the preparation of CMMI V2.0 appraisals

We work with our Partners in two ways.

  • Referring Partners put a link on their web site that points to this web site at Compliance Power 365.  Referring Partners receive a 7.50% sales commission in the event the referral converts to a sale.
  • Reselling Partners, however, have a much closer relationship with Compliance Power 365. We work closely with consulting companies who provide professional services to help their clients prepare for their CMMI appraisals. If desired, CMMI 365 can be provided via “white label” where the system is re-branded in the name of the Reselling Partner. Also, Reselling Partners have the option to add their own intellectual property to the System to provide more value-add to their clients such as providing CMMI guidance and advice for each CMMI practice. In addition to detail guidance and advice, Reselling Partners can optionally provide their own “template asset library” of example documents, spreadsheets, templates, policies and procedures to accelerate the business process redesign efforts for their clients. Reselling Partners set their own price for CMMI 365 and earn very high margins.

Contact Compliance Power 365 to discuss how to become either a Referring Partner or a Reselling Partner. We look forward to hearing from you.