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Announcing CMMI 365! The most feature rich CMMI tool to prepare for CMMI V2.0 appraisals

CMMI 365 is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. CMMI 365 supports the CMMI appraisal preparation team as they move towards an upcoming CMMI appraisal. As a result, you can track the status of every document, every task, and the status of every CMMI Practice as your team collaborates with the most feature-rich product available for CMMI appraisals.
CMMI 365 overview


  • Based on Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and PowerApps.
  • SharePoint serves as the document repository. PowerApps provides the user interface and business logic.
  • An unlimited number of team members can use the system.
  • Unlimited documents can be reviewed and tagged as “objective evidence” in the SharePoint document repository.
  • Status updates can be posted to email & posted directly into Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Management and the appraisal preparation team can track progress weekly as the company moves towards their benchmark or sustainment CMMI appraisal.

Calling all CMMI Lead Appraisers

Let’s chat! We make it easy for you to incorporate CMMI 365 into your suite of professional services. Accelerate your clients’ preparation for their CMMI appraisal using best-of-breed CMMI tools for team collaboration.

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TreeView 365

Announcing TreeView 365!

TreeView 365 is a Microsoft 365-based process management solution for easy definition, communication, and maintenance of process descriptions and process assets for quality systems, business manuals, process handbooks, and more.

TreeView 365

TreeView 365 is an app embedded into Microsoft Teams to support collaboration between process owners, process writers and users, while helping to build a consistent process highly accessible by users throughout the organization.

TreeView 365 is independent of specific standards, quality frameworks and methodologies. The app can be used to efficiently manage and document compliance when working in a multi-model, multi-standards environment. TreeView 365 currently supports: CMMC, CMMI V2.0, ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018, and NIST 800-171. Additional frameworks are being added.

And, TreeView 365 is inexpensive. More details to follow … We’re looking for one or two companies to be early adopters of this new system. Please call to discuss.

Coming soon! CMMC 365 for Auditors and Federal Contractors pursuing CMMC certification

Similar to CMMI 365, the new CMMC 365 system is fully integrated with Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. CMMC 365 supports the CMMC assessment preparation team as they move towards their CMMC appraisal. As a result, you can track the status of every CMMC practice for Maturity Level 1 through 5. Review extensive cross references to the FAR, NIST SP 800-171, CERT RMM, and others.

Advantages: Quickly train the team; Prepare for the pre-assessment in record time; Track progress week by week; Maintain and update documentation via CMMC 365 using SharePoint as the document repository. Use Teams as the user interface for daily standup meetings, video conferences, and access to CMMC 365.

CMMC Auditors & Federal Contractors: please call to discuss your path to CMMC certification. The CMMC 365 system will save time, money, and improve team collaboration. You’re already half way there If your company has a subscription to Microsoft 365.